New Shower Installation

Shower Installations

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One of the most common home improvement schemes that people undertake is to alter the layout of bedrooms to include an en suite bathroom. While there often isn't enough room for a bath, it is the ideal location for a good quality shower. Fitting a powered shower is something that should be left to the professionals as you are dealing with both electricity and water. Honiton plumbers JR Pidgeon are experienced at fitting showers, and can even advise you on which shower to choose.

Of course, it isn't just for new en suites, many people would like a power shower, with its pump and water heater to prevent the sudden shock of a shower suddenly going cold when a hot tap is turned on in the kitchen. This is especially the case with the growing popularity of combi boilers in place of heat only systems.

Once you have a power shower installed, efficient servicing saves you money, our having notice to plan a maintenance schedule also reduces costs. For the best Honiton plumber, contact JR plumbing and heating.