hot water cylinder

Hot Water Cylinder

We offer installation and repair for boilers and central heating systems from Honiton to Exeter, Seaton to Yeovil. Fully qualified for gas and oil fired heating systems.

Hot water cylinders aren't a vital component of modern gas-fired central heating systems, as they were just over a decade ago. However they can be a useful feature, especially if you are looking into suplementing your hot water requirements with renewable heating solutions, such as solar thermal or ground source heat pumps as these technologies require hot water storage. Having a hot water cylinder installed is a straightforward job for a qualified engineer, so long as you have a suitable space for one.

Alternatively, you may have an existing hot water cylinder fed by your boiler. This is usually something that sits quietly, does its own thing, and possibly keeps your towels nice and warm, until it stops working. The problem is, you may not necessarily realise that it isn't working properly. If you have your boiler serviced every year to ensure that it is safe and as efficient as possible, why not your hot water tank?