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New installation of gas boilers, Bridport to Exeter, Axminster to Yeovil. Did you know how much money you could save just by replacing your old gas boiler?

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Boiler maintenance is something everyone should take seriously. It is required for businesses and private landlords, but homeowners often don't bother with an annual service, usually considering it a needless expense.

The problem is, neglecting a gas boiler can turn out to be rather expensive and even dangerous. Poorly maintained boilers are apt lose efficiency and need a regular once over to make sure that they last for a longer life and you have less breakdowns. Malfunctioning boilers can result in carbon monoxide leaks which are dangerous, annual servicing is the only way to be sure to protect against this.

If you are not sure whether it's time your gas boiler was serviced, or you simply think you don't need one; just ask yourself when was the last time the furnace filter in your boiler was changed or cleaned? The amount of money that you could save with even a basic service can be staggering. Regular cleaning of the filter is something we carry out inclusive in our servicing price, and ensuring that it operates efficiently means you aren't wasting gas. It can also help you to work out if you are likely to have any problems with your boiler in the future, because if so, you can prepare to get it seen too.

The other major benefit of a regular service is that we can detect any potential problems long before they result in a major fault. Most of the time, in catching a fault early we can effect a repair without major work - saving you money. Even if we can't simply fix the problem you will be able to choose when we do carry out the repair, rather than suddenly finding yourself cold when your gas boiler suffers a major breakdown.