Gas Boiler Installation
First things first, the type of boiler you want to have is your first decision. If you have a particular preference we'll be happy to oblige. If not, one of our experienced engineers will talk you through your choices.

New BoilerType of fuel:
For the majority of people this isn't much of a choice at all. If you are on the gas mains then a gas boiler is the most common choice as it offers the most cost effective means of heating your home. There are over 4,000,000 homes in the UK which aren't connected to the mains gas network, and if your home falls into this category then you'll be looking at your alternatives. Bottled gas is available, allowing you to use a gas boiler to heat your home when you don't have access to the mains. Alternatively, you could opt for an oil fired boiler, which are reliable and efficient.

Boiler operation:
Modern gas boilers fall into two main categories, combi and heat only. Combi (short for Combination) boilers are the most popular as they provide heat as and when you need it. Cold mains water comes into the boiler and is immediately heated for use in the central heating system and for hot water taps. This system doesn't require a hot water storage cylinder, or a cold water tank in the attic. It does, however, mean that there is a limited amount of hot water at any one time.

A heat only system involves the boiler heating water which is stored for use when it is needed. Unlike a combi boiler which is almost entirely self-contained, a heat only system requires a storage cylinder, a cold water feed tank. It may be a more sensible option if you have a large household as it removes the combi boilers one weakness of limiting the amount of hot water available at any one time.

Boiler efficiency:
How efficient your boiler is in producing heat from fuel has been to subject to a fair amount of attention in recent years. The cost of fuel has been going up steeply and public awareness of carbon emissions mean that people do think about how efficient their boiler is. British and European standards define the absolute minimum efficiency for different types of boiler and grades each model on an objective scale so everyone can make direct comparisons, the very best are give 'A' ratings.