Ground Source heat pump diagram

Ground Source Heat Pumps
offered throughout Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

Ground source heat pumps extract heat from the ground to provide heating and hot water for your home. These systems involve digging either trenches or boreholes for a closed loop of pipe. This pipe is filled with water (mixed with some anti-freeze), which is pumped through the loop absorbing heat from the surrounding ground.

Even during the cold of winter, the temperature in the soil rarely drops below 8°C. This is more than adequate to produce hot water for your home. Ground source heat pumps do require electricity to run the pump itself, but for every 1kW of energy to run the pump you get 4-5kW of heat energy from the system. This makes ground source heat pumps the most energy efficient heating systems.

Like air source heat pumps or solar thermal heating systems, ground source heat pumps run at a lower temperature than traditional boilers, making them ideal for underfloor heating systems. Combine this with the long life expectancy of the heat collector pipe and you can see significant savings over the duration of the system.